Whole Genome Amplification

If your amount of available DNA is too limited, it can be amplified before being sequenced by using Whole Genome Amplification (WGA). Currently, we routinely apply SurePlex DNA Amplification, DOPlify, REPLI-g and Ampli1 WGA, yielding 2 to 5 µg of DNA from input DNA as low as 1 cell (6 pg of DNA).

Advantages of Whole Genome Amplification

  • Low input amounts of DNA can be amplified to sufficient amounts for sequencing

Whole Genome Amplification workflow

For this small amount of sample, a quality control is not possible. We start directly with the DNA amplification followed by preparing the sequencing libraries. After a quality assessment step these libraries are sequenced on one of our Illumina sequencers. The technical quality of the sequencing run is monitored in real time.

Sequencing data can be transferred to you via the Illumina BaseSpace platform or our own server (FTP download).

Feel free to contact us with any questions.